Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Did you know it talks about S*E*X in the Bible

Provi has had some stellar blogging material for me lately. I almost always ask her permission to blog something she's done or said or written before doing so, and the last few times she's actually told me no. Said I always embarrass her. Abruptly followed by .... "And don't tell me it's your job to embarrass me." Have I ever actually said that (out loud)?

But tonight was one I just couldn't pass up. We bought a new Bible for Provi. It's called "True Images". Well, actually it's called The Bible .... but anyway .... In this True Images Bible, there are a lot of real life struggles that young girls are going to face in today's world, and it addresses how to view them from a Biblical perspective. The recommended ages are 13-16 years old, but I think they need to change that. Our kids are already hearing about this stuff earlier than 13, and besides, I actually wouldn't mind the first place they hear of it be in the Bible... at home ....where I am. From what I can tell, this Bible addresses everything Provi is already hearing kids talk about at school. It goes from self-esteem, to true inner beauty, to eating disorders, to friendship and dating, to confidence, and yes ... S*E*X.

Apparently, sex becomes "cool" in about 3rd grade nowadays. (Did I just say nowadays???) SCARY!!! So in our conversations with her about this topic, we've tried to make sure she understands that she needs to be getting her information from us, not the kids in her class .... because they are wrong. We've had some really great conversations, and she's generally pretty open with us in telling us the current topic of conversation amongst her classmates. (And they are usually wrong.) We appreciate when she initiates these conversations about when sex is being talked about, and I think she's starting to get that.

Back to the Bible. She dove right into her new Bible. She's determined to read it straight through. I remember attempting that somewhere during Elementary school. I got to the word "circumcision" in Genesis and had to stop and go ask my Dad what that word meant. I don't remember what he told me, but I'm pretty sure I stopped reading through the Bible then. Anyway .... tonight Provi comes over to me while I'm cooking dinner and points to one of the "True Image" sections of her new Bible. This is what I read:

Did you know that God created sex .... as a gift for us? He also created the only safe place to open this gift - a committed marriage. All other places lead to disappointment and pain. 

I smiled, and said, "Yup ... that's right!".
She replied with, "Okay, I just wanted you to know that was in here."
Trying not to chuckle and reply with a sarcastic - "WHAT? Sex is in the Bible?!?! That's it, you can't read that book anymore", I instead say, "Thanks. I know. The Bible is the #1 source for where to get your information about that. Mom and Dad are #2. The kids at school rank somewhere around 83rd on the list."

She grinned and went back to reading.

I still am laughing at the thought that she perhaps assumed I didn't know the Bible talked about sex, or that I'd have a problem with it. Nope, just those wrong kids at school I have a problem with.

Some hard, and scary years are coming around the corner for us with kids these days. (Now I just said kids these days??? That's it. I'm old.) We're thankful for the Bible (God's living, breathing Word) that speaks about things like .... you know ... S*E*X.


Jeff said...

I'm gonna have to get me one of those bibles!

Jeff said...

Oh wait - it's in my bible too? That's what Song of Solomon is about!

Erin said...

Do you have the "God's Design for Sex" series by Stan & Brenna Jones? Wow, my oldest (he's about to turn 13) and I just finished the final book in the series and have we had some interesting conversations! I would highly recommend them as a good way to expand on the "nowaday" applications of what the bible teaches. Prepare to squirm. ;)

Jody Britton said...

jeff. very funny. yes! you do have one of those Bibles. ;) erin - i haven't heard of it, will look it up!! thanks!

Angie said...

And the dictionary. I vividly remember using the class dictionary during every SSR of 3rd grade. It helped with definitions, but I didn't really connect the dots for a few more years. But it felt so dangerous to be looking up all those "naughty" words during class.

Jeff is funny.

Provi is adorable. I can completely envision that interaction between the two of you. You're a great mom, Jody!