Sunday, June 12, 2011

Inappropriate Much??

I ran to the Grocery Store this afternoon and as usual, had the kiddo's with me. At the checkout lane, the clerk looks at me, then looks to Providence and starts laughing. I looked up with a confused stare. He says to us, "You two look exactly the same!" Provi looks to me with a puzzled look. (Most people, us included, say she looks like Aaron.) We just shrug it off and don't say much. He then proceeds with his amazed observation and says to Provi, "You better start saving her old ID's now!"


I respond to him with a cough, and quietly stating (quietly, because I'm hoping that Provi is not understanding this conversation), "Excuse me! She's only 11." To which the bright young clerk laughs louder and says, "Yeah, but you can never start planning for your future too early. (Insert Bevis and Butthead laugh here.) My older brother and I look the same and I've been able to score so much ...."

At this point I cut him off by loudly by saying something to one of the other children and not even letting him finish his highly inappropriate comments.

I actually debated telling the Manager about this situation, but having all the kids in tow, decided to just leave.

I'm not usually surprised by much, but I must say - this one caught me off guard. Kind of like the time a different clerk (in the same grocery store), upon finding out that Malachi was adopted from Ethiopia, asked if he had "AIDS". Cuz I guess all kids coming from Africa do?

How would you have responded? Me??? I think I need to stop going to said Grocery Store.


Dena said...

I.DI.OT. Seriously. I think I'd probably do a follow-up email to the store manager. Your receipt will tell you which nincompoop you were with.

Angie said...

Totally inappropriate. Why would he think that's okay? I don't get it. I'd complain. Do it over the phone and you don't have to go back in there. I'd tell them about the AIDS comment too. That's just disgusting.

(So which store...?)

Carmine said...

People continue to amaze me on what they'll say to complete strangers. It's like the filter is turned off! I agree with Dena, I would follow up with the store manager, that comment just completely crossed the line. What's to stop this clerk from suggesting that to another kid?