Saturday, August 6, 2011

Move over Willow....

My kids have gotten into Willow Smith's song, "Whip My Hair". It's one of those songs that is crazy annoying and will never leave your head. Hmmmm, maybe that describes most of the music my kids like. Anyway ...

A while back, I attempted to twist Malachi's hair. It was still too short to work, and we've been growing it out ever since. Well - I decided to try again tonight. To be honest, I kinda think it still looks a bit girly, but Aaron disagrees. He brought out some famous men with similar hairstyles.

Men like Coolio
I really need to learn how to write letters with Malachi's twists. That'd be .... epic.

Or how about the ever famous Kris Kross?

You know - the popular ones who are leading the way in African hairstyles today. Umm.....

Well, Mr. Malachi says he likes his hair. He immediately started flopping his head all over the place, finding it rather funny that the twists would flop around on his head. With no prompting from us, he began to sing the above mentioned song. (It did take some prompting for him to do it again for the sake of video....)


I have a long way to go in learning how to style his hair. I watch the videos, I see the pictures that I want his hair to look like ... and yet we just aren't there yet. My favorite actually is not Willow, but her brother Jayden. LOVE this hairstyle, and I'm not sure how to get Malachi's hair to mimic it.

Maybe one day.  Until then.....
wiggawiggawiggawiggittee WHHHACCK!!”

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