Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Here she goes again w/ that "community" garbage.


Something I vaguely remember threatening last summer after Aaron's sabbatical to blog a series of posts about.

I don't think I ever did.

Thoughts of community, what it is, why it's gone wrong, etc....never cease to end in my mind. It's at the front of my thoughts almost as much as getting my new daughter home. So maybe I'll think about sharing some of those thoughts again.

Or maybe for now, I'll just link to a short video I saw this morning that made me sad and hopeful all at the same time. Sad because of the truths in it ("for the average American, there's only 2 people that they can confide in for any meaningful conversation, and for the rest of us - we don't have anyone at all") and hopeful because of the movement that seems to be happening parallel to that of Gospel-Centered living - a movement of authentic community ("real authentic community is not about us, it's about God.", and "that God would strip away everything that is fake...and replace it with the only thing that does give life - The Gospel ....")

So maybe .... maybe I'll blog some more in the days to come.


Carmine said...

can't wait to see some postings on this...I can understand some of those numbers of confiding...some of us have been so betrayed by the ones we think love us that we are too scared to reach out again for fear of getting burned. Again, look forward to reading some of your thoughts on the subject! said...

I think about this lots too. Thanks for bringing attention to it!

Andrea said...

When we were caring for our neighbor this last year, it always surprised us when other caregivers were confused and shocked that we were there just because we were neighbors and not related or known any other way. That should not be different, it should be the norm! You should keep talking about community! I think more people want it and everyone needs it. How much better it would feel if we all really knew each other.