Saturday, September 3, 2011

Slip??? What's that?

Maybe this is TMI...

I needed a dress for a special occasion (ahem ... court in Uganda). I found a nice dress that I felt comfortable in, and would actually wear again after said occasion. (Crazy!) There was one problem .... it was totally see-through! Not sure who thought that was okay, but I figured I could work with it.

So I ventured out to find this thing I remembered wearing once upon a time in a former life. It's called a slip. (Believe it or not, long slips to go with a long dress are really hard to find!)

I had the slip laying out to pack for our trip, and Providence came in and asked what it was. I told her it was a slip. With shock in her voice, she asked, "they still make those?" Um yes ... I guess they do.

Maybe I should teach her about those things they call pantyhose, too.


Angie said...

I was JUST talking about slips with my sister today. I feel like we must've gotten instantly old if we both need slips now. Sad.

Jody Britton said...

ha! no...not instantly's just that it became cool for clothes to be see-through.... we totally wear slips for different reasons than our moms did!

carol said...

Don't worry if you don't get one. It is easy and quite cheap to get almost any clothes you need for here. You could get new clothes or second hand.
Also I have tons of novels if you need to borrow. I have read all of them so if you have any paper backs to trade I would be soooooooo happy!