Friday, December 2, 2011

Pinecones and Pinterest

Now don't get all excited thinking I'm turning this blog into a craft blog .... reminder, I am NOT a crafty person. But thanks to the newest online time sucker .... I mean, social networking sight - I was inspired!

I've seen pinecone wreathes in the stores (and by stores, I mean Pottery Barn catalogues). Me want. Me can't afford. (They're like, $50. Ouch!) So I thought to myself, surely this Pinterest thing would have a tutorial on how to make my own pinecone wreath. Ah-ha! Yes, indeed. I modified it a bit, and actually made a {gasp!} CRAFT. Hot glue and all.

I was going to just buy the pinecones, but they are up to about $5 for a small bag now. The how-to site I was following told me to take my kids on a nature hike for the fun of it and for free pinecones. So I obeyed. Who cares that it was below freezing. Bundle up kids! It's time to make some memories! So up the hill we drove. And I'm so glad we did!

We started out with a picnic lunch. Only these 2 thought it was a bit too cold to eat outside. It was.

Miss Eden on the search.

Provi was considering a Polar Bear swim instead of helping in the search.

Kira was so proud of every cone she found - but she especially loved finding the tiniest of the tiny ones.

These 2 guys didn't help search, they are just really cute.

Even Sam joined in a bit. He was the daring one to climb the hills that none of us girls would.

I was on a mission!

After the fun was over, my mom told me that I needed to dry the pinecones out. So I laid them on the back porch for the sun to do it's work. They were nice and dry, so I put them back in a bag and set them out front until I could get to my little project. (Don't want those Rocky Mountain bugs in my house, thank you very much.) Then it snowed. And my dry pinecones were no longer dry.

I did my project anyway.

Step 1: Get a wreath at your local craft store. ($4.50 at Hobby Lobby) The tutorial I was following said to get a white Styrofoam wreath and spray paint it green. Uh, I say skip that stupid step and buy the rustic looking twiggy ones. (See, I'm so uncrafty that I just referred to the wreath as a "twiggy one".)

Step 2: Lay out pinecones. Yes, yes I did lay them out smallest to biggest. The earlier image of these boots inspired me so much that I felt I had no choice.

Step 3: Glue. (Caution, hot glue doesn't feel great if gotten on ones hands. Never accuse me of not giving a full tutorial, thank you.) The how-to I was following said to line them up nice and neat, 3 in a row. I didn't find that to be possible at all. She must've had all the same size cones. Besides, other than the boots, since when is anything in my house nice and neat? The pinecones would be no different. I was going from random beauty.

Step 4: I added some fake pearly-looking things and a ribbon to hang it. Then I hung it. (Don't forget to hang it!)

Step 5: Put all remaining pinecones in a cute basket to display at some random spot in your house. Throw in some cinnamon sticks and call it potpourri if you want.

All done! I'm so happy with my little wreath. (And basket of leftovers.)

Twiggy wreath thingy - $4.50. Hot glue - $2.95. Savings from Pottery Barn - $42.55 (plus shipping and handling). Memories of collecting pinecones - say it with me..... PRICELESS!


mommy of a preemie said...

you make me laugh awesome wreath and i like the added touch of the pearly ball things :)

Taryn said...

your wreath looks AWESOME. I am so impressed.

TheHappyNeills said...

liar--you are TOO crafty! :) first of all, AWESOME thought on the twiggy wreath vs styrofoam painted green (wha??!!). your idea was far better. and the pearly picks--SO martha-stewart-y!!! i think u don't give yourself enough credit. :)

kristen and thomas said...

great idea, Jody! I wish we had more pine cones laying around in our neck of the woods.... Happy Christmas Season! -Kristen

Sharilyn said...

You did a great job! I'm sure the kids enjoyed helping you too. I want one now.

Angie @ Flibbertigibberish said...

Bravo, crafty girl! First of all, it's called a "grapevine" wreath, although twiggy wreath works. Second of all, next time, hit up Sister Carmen or Goodwill - they almost ALWAYS have a twiggy - I mean - grapevine wreath there for $1. Save even more money!

I love it! You did a great job!