Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Emergency Substitution = Better for you!

I've been TRYING to be more conscious about what I'm feeding my body....going for food that fuels, rather than mindless consumption. So when I found a delicious recipe that made me gain five pounds just reading the ingredients, I began to tweak away to have the yummy food my tongue desires, with the benefits that my body needs.

The particular food I was looking at (which I of course found on Pinterest) called for a cream cheese glaze. I was going to just bypass the glaze for myself, but still feed the deliciousness to my kids. Until, that is, I realized I was out of cream cheese. WHAT?!?! Say it isn't so. (I must confess to using cream cheese in many a-recipes.) So to Google I went, searching for an emergency substitution (as if you can really substitute such deliciousness.) You'll never guess what I found. There were actually two solutions. One was plain yogurt strained through a cheese cloth. I just have a cheese cloth laying around, or plain yogurt - gross! However, the second option, I actually DID have out of my earlier said desire of food that fuels. Cottage Cheese. Now I don't love cottage cheese, but I can tolerate it. The texture is what gets to me the most, but I can deal. I digress. I found out that if you put cottage cheese in a food processor to get rid of that nasty texture, you can substitute equal parts cottage cheese and cream cheese. WHAT?!?!? You've got to be kidding me! Skeptical, I tried it. And guess what?!?!? It worked! Yummy cream cheese drizzle that the kids loved and I didn't feel guilty eating! I see many of my favorite recipes working their way back into my life. :) (I know, I know, low fat cream cheese has even less calories...but the protein difference?!?! Whoa! Besides, I didn't have low fat cream cheese either.)

1/2 Cup Cream Cheese: 400 calories, 3g of protein
1/2 Cup of Low fat Cottage Cheese: 100 calories, 14g of protein


Michelle E said...

I'm filing that one away! Maybe I'll even "pin" it :) FYI- plain Greek yogurt, 0% fat, crazy amt of protein, rather tastes like sour cream...

Laura Hoffman said...

I made stuffed shells the other week where the filling was fat free cottage cheese from the food processor (with fresh basil and mozzarella). I was really surprised at how delicious and creamy it was!