Sunday, April 15, 2012


I FINISHED! With a total time of  2:12:42. My goal, as you remember, was to just finish! I did also have it my head that I wanted to average 10:15 miles. I finished at 10:08 instead! Yippee! The best part is, I had a blast! I loved the atmosphere, I loved running with 3000 of my closest friends...okay, so maybe only about 10 of them were friends, but whatever. I loved the joy of finishing. I honestly just had an all around great time! Sure it was challenging, but it was so, so good. Some great songs would come on my itunes, and sometimes I decided to have fun with it and get into the groove with my whole body. My arms were moving, my feet were dancing, and at one point I began to sing along hoping the crowd would join in. But nooooo...everyone was so serious. Boring. So instead, I just made a fool of myself. At least I'm used to it! In the pictures to follow, Aaron was making fun of one of them saying - "oh, way to smile for the camera". And in all honesty, I don't know that the smile ever left my face! Well...until about mile 11. Then I'm pretty sure it was replaced by grunts and huffs and puffs and words that are not suitable for this blog.

Miles 11-13 were for sure hard for me. I had never run past 11 miles in all of my training - so my body was screaming out in confusion. And go figure, mile 12-12.5 was a very.large.hill. I knew from looking at the course map that there was a hill there - but when I saw what was before me, I wanted to cry a bit. My trusty friend and coach (Corrine) assured me that I could do it, that it was no worse than a hill that we would frequent in our training. I thought about smacking her upside the head telling her that said hill was not after 12 miles. But I didn't. I pressed on. And it helps that a song with a pretty powerful beat came on my iTunes as I started the hill. So i tipped my hat down leaving only enough room to glance at possible feet in front of me, and I ran to the beat until I was at the top. I didn't want to know when I'd get there, only when I was there. That worked for me.... Because next thing I know - I hear Corrine saying, "LOOK! It's the finish line!" With about 100 meters to go, I saw the clock saying 2:15:and some amount of seconds. (The time difference between that and my finish time is because I was not in the first starting wave of the race. The times were adjusted and printed later.) I was determined to finish strong and before that clock said 2:16. So I went into a full on ugly sprint. (No really, U.G.L.Y. I am not a cute runner, and an even uglier sprinter.) What happened at that moment just made me smile again. The crowd began cheering! Maybe they weren't cheering for me - but it felt like they were! The only flaw in this, is that my body was not happy with my sprinting and was begging me to stop. However, my pride said - but they're all cheering for me...I must finish!

And then it was over. 11 weeks of sweat, sore muscles, and a lot of time .....and it was over. And it was so worth it! I can't wait to run my next race! (Which by the the Chicago Half Marathon in September. More to come on that, as it involves YOU!) Other than "just finish", I saw a pin on Pinterest (go figure) recently that I had in my head as my "mantra". See, I'm really good at hearing the voice in my head that says I can't do things... so this was a fantastic quote for me. I should really think about using it in several areas of my life, to be honest. But today, it was all about the run!

Before I post pics, I wanna give a shout out to my friends and coaches, Corinne Baur and Christy Hires. These two women have encouraged me and inspired me (as many of you have as well). I can't tell you how huge FINISHING this has been for me. I am not known for endurance or long suffering. No, I am best at running (make that a brisk walk, actually) and hiding. I'm best at starting things and not always finishing them. But these two women, as well as the rest of my running group, made this endeavour fun and do-able. And honestly, I credit the amazing training program laid out by Corinne in her recently published book - Running By The Book - for the much needed solid foundation to stretch myself in this way. If you do run, want to get into running, or know someone who does - this is the book for you! And in fact, to celebrate my little victory - I'm giving away a copy of her book! Leave a comment, get your name in the drawing once. Link to this post on Facebook, get two entries! LIKE Running by the Book on Facebook (click on that link) and get your name entered three times.can't do this. Because if I can - trust me, you can...and you need this book to get there!) I will draw a name one week from today, Sunday April 22, 2012.

Okay, sorry to blab for so long. Here's the pics. I look almost as cute as the woman in the picture above...but nowhere close, actually.

 Nothing like a cold April day in Colorado. Thankfully,  the skies cleared for most of the race. Near the end, a brutal cold wind was at our face, which was annoying...but I'm thankful it wasn't snowing or raining!

Corinne was "pacing" me throughout the run. I joked with her telling her that I felt like a dog, constantly looking back to make sure my master was still right behind me. (I'm #303!)

I'm just a tad excited at the start. But why wouldn't I be???

Wow, that is one tall person in front of us. Random, I know.

Sprinting to the end. (Hey, I warned you it wasn't cute.)

I snuck around a few at the end and squeezed in just before 2:16! 

DONE! These 2 stayed by my side the entire time. Corinne on the left, friend and running mate Danielle in the middle. This was Danielle's first half as well. I was so proud of her! She ran today even though she was sick! And she never once  complained.

Always good to be able to laugh after! At least we weren't crying!

Christy and her husband Tracy. He was brave enough to be the one man in our running group today!  

Waiting for post-race food. It turned COLD! The girl in the white jacket next to me is a long time friend, Kassie. I'm so proud of her. She finished today with a time of 1:59. She is my hero! I basically want to run like her when I grow up.


Angie @ Flibbertigibberish said...

I'm so proud of you, Jody! I can't believe I get to say that I ran with you one day. ;) I think about 13 miles and get so tired that it's all I can do to get the next bite of ice cream to my mouth.

Seriously though, pick my name for the book! You'll be proud of me... I've been running! Three times this week I ran 2.5 - 3 miles. :) WHO AM I?!?! I'm *this close* to admitting that it isn't so bad. Ha ha. My 5K is a week from today! 5K - hmph. That probably sounds so lame to you. ;) (JK!)

I'm off to "like" RBTB on FB.

Christy said...

So incredibly proud to be a part of this journey with you. You inspired me so many times in the last 3 months. I am so blessed that you call me friend. Can't wait to train with you toward your next goal.

Put Angie's name in there again instead of mine : > ) She'd love this program with you as her cheerleader!

kristen and thomas said...

Congrats Jody! What a great accomplishment! And those arm socks are so cute! I want a pair...when will you have a giveaway for those??? :)

Laura Hoffman said...

That is so awesome. It takes a lot of hard work, congrats!

Jody Britton said..., Kristen - go to Target, you can find them in the sock section. They are just knee high socks that I cut the tip off of, and a whole for the thumb! :)

Ranae said...

I am a fan of RBTB too! Congrats on your finish! Your blog was very inspiring! Good luck on your future runs! :)