Wednesday, May 23, 2012

This is 3 minutes of your life you will never get back

Last night I was awakened by our dog, Mya, at sometime around middle-of-the-night-o'clock. She was perusing our room, finding things to chew on. I was annoyed, so I shooed her to her kennel and locked the door. I fell back asleep. Next thing I know, Mya is making all sorts of ruckus in her kennel (which I should mention is a tad too small for her growing legs). I decided to open the door, figuring she needed to stretch. As I'm trying to return to my dreams, I notice that she is pacing our room. It dawns on me that she probably needs to go to the bathroom. Sigh. I laid there contemplating if she really needed to go out, or if she was confused by the opening of her kennel - as that usually signals morning time.

Yeah. She needed to go out.

Next thing I hear is a loud fffffttttttppppppttthhhhhhh.

Oh no, she didn't.

I jump from bed, hoping it was just gas, dart to the door only to UNKNOWINGLY step in what was not just gas. I take one step out of my bedroom door onto the wood floor and my now mushy foot goes in the opposite direction as I intended it to. I stub my toe (which is still throbbing!) on the coat rack and hit HARD on the knee I've been so carefully nursing back to health since running. "WHAT THE...." may or may not have escaped my mouth. STILL not knowing what was on the bottom of my foot, I proceed to stumble to the back door where I finally set Mya free, thereby leaving a messy brown trail from my room to the back door.

By this time, Aaron is finally awake, and standing over a pile of smelly who knows what. I tell him that I think she may have pooped on the floor. He informs me that she indeed did, and that I also have now trailed it across the floor.


An hour and a half later, we were all cleaned up. Mya came to my side with her puppy dog eyes and tail between her legs, shaking - as if to say, "I'm sorry".

I'm convinced that the only thing worse than cleaning up a mess from a child in the middle of the night is in fact cleaning up a mess from a dog in the middle of the night.

Lucky for her, she's cute.

As I retold this story to a friend today, she began laughing. I realized the humor (somewhat) in it all, and began to laugh at it myself. I'm thankful that a story like this didn't take long for me to laugh at. (And Aaron, sweet Aaron, is REALLY laughing at it. Ask him sometime in person to give you his version of the details. He has arm motions and everything.)

Good night.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Case closed.

Just a little update to let you know that the dog who bit Provi has been found. Driving home tonight, Provi thought she saw the dog in someone's yard. Honestly, I wasn't sure how to handle it. Do I call the Police and let them deal with it? Or do I confront her as neighbors, and allow Provi to get a closer look at the dog to be sure. We decided on the second option. It wasn't the best way to meet a neighbor you've never met - but it needed to be done.

As it turns out, it was a dog sitter walking the dog, and the sitter not only failed to act appropriately at the moment of the dog bite - but also in the aftermath. She never even told the owners about it. So tonight when we approached the owner, she was shocked and mortified. Provi's story matched up with everything - even down to knowing the first letter of the dogs name and the hair color of the woman walking the dog (and of course, recognizing the dog). The owner was extremely apologetic, and moved to tears immediately. She wasn't sure how to respond, and I can't say I blame her. I felt so sad for her. With her.

As I left, it dawned on me that this woman is now faced with the reality that I only feared with Gunther....her dog biting someone. I'm sad just thinking about what she is feeling right now. I guess a plus to us getting rid of G-dog under the circumstances we did, is that it made me a little more sensitive to what this woman could be feeling now. Seeing the heartbreak in her eyes, all of a sudden every ounce of anger I've had about this situation just melted. I had prayed as I walked to her house to be gracious in my words and spirit...that the Mama Bear in me would herself stay leashed. In an instant, God softened my heart, and showed me that He was taking care of all of this. I had mostly just wanted to know that the dog was current on shots and healthy. I know now that it is. So there is no need for such resentment or anger. Yes, I'm frustrated that the dog sitter didn't handle this properly. But as for the dog and it's owner, I'm just sad for them. These things happen, and it is unfortunate. I of course also want to know this dog won't hurt anyone else - but I'm leaving that in the hands of Animal Control and the dog owner. We were asked if we wanted to "issue a summons" (have the owner ticketed for owning a "vicious animal"). We said no. The dog will be placed under quarantine for 2 weeks as protocol, and that's all I really know. But I trust what should be, will be.

Providence is slowly healing, and we're keeping a close eye on the wound itself. As far as we are concerned, the "case" is closed.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mean Girls, Dog Bites, Gunther and Mya

What I really wanted to title this post is: Bi***'s that Bite. But then, that wouldn't be very appropriate now, would it?

Today my third grade daughter was called fat. Not only is she so NOT fat, but in third grade this is starting??? REALLY? Third Grade? Two girls in her class have been increasingly mean to her. What makes it even harder is that these two girls have been her best friends the entire school year. It's heartbreaking having to watch my child who is way too young to deal with such things struggle through the pain and drama that is young girls. We've been singing this song a lot lately trying to laugh it off....but it isn't getting any better.

Heartbreaking for this mama. Heartbreaking for my sweet little one.

Today after school, Provi was bit by a dog. She was walking home from the bus stop, and a woman walking two dogs was coming toward her. Both dogs were on leash, and the owner was moving her dogs into the street away from Providence. One of the dogs, however, lunged forward and got to Provi. She has the scars to prove it. We took an emergency trip to the Dr., as she was saying it was hard to move her hand (tendon damage??) and the bleeding didn't stop for over an hour. Thankfully, the damage is minimal and fixable. The pain in her hand was just normal shooting pains. The bite will heal in a week or so. (They don't like to stitch dog bites, as it raises the risk of infection.) But it will leave a scar, and a new found fear in my oldest. I hurt for her. I wish it had been me and not her.

One of the hardest parts for me about the dog bite is that all the owner did was say, "Sorry", and walk away. Provi says the owner knew she had been bit. (Uh, how could you not?? The blood stained arm made it pretty apparent.) I have a bit of anger to deal with in my own heart as I want so desperately to make right this wrong for my child (and our medical bills). I'm shocked and angry that someone would be so irresponsible with their dog and my child. I'm seriously thinking about posting a sign on the mailbox warning all the neighbors of this irresponsible dog owner and her vicious dog. Would that be wrong? Aaron reminds me that we genuinely want this woman to come forward, so marking her with a scarlet letter may not be the best way to make that happen.

A random side note that I haven't blogged about yet, as it still makes me sad....

We surrendered Gunther a month in a half ago. He was showing too many quirky behaviors that we could no longer justify, but mainly - he was showing signs of aggression. It was heartbreaking to our kids, and especially to me - Gunther was my pup. (See...I'm crying again , darn it.) But we explained to the kids that as responsible dog owners, we could not keep a dog that showed such signs of being aggressive to dogs and humans alike. We told them that if he ever bit someone, it would be really bad...for us and Gunther (and obviously, the person that got bit). We told them that we value human life, friendship with our neighbors, and the safety of everyone who comes in contact with us more than we value a dog. It wasn't easy. Many tears were shed (and sometimes still are). When no one else was around, Gunther was an amazing dog for our family, but it ended there. So tonight, I found it ironic that here we had made the hard choice to give up our dog so none of our kids or anyone else's children would get hurt - and along comes someone who obviously has different beliefs than we do and my child still suffers as a result. People of Boulder (and Seattle, I hear) - stop idolizing your dogs! It can't end well. Rant over.

Provi and the lap dog, Gunther. (This was when we loved him!)

We did get a new dog the day after Gunther's return, thinking it may ease the blow some. She has. She's a entirely different temperament of a dog. She's also a puppy. She chews on everything, and as a result, has lessened our junk, I mean toy load by a lot. She digs up my yard. But she is sweet. She loves all people and all dogs. She welcomes visitors to our home. Mya has finally worked her way into our affections, and I know it was right to make the hard decision we did. (Although, I couldn't stop thinking how Gunther would have gone ape crazy on the dog that hurt my Provi. Mya would probably have tried to give it kisses. Oh well.)

What's not to love, really?
Tonight at bedtime, my husband whom I love had the family devotions set on Genesis 50:20-21 ~ "As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people should be kept alive, as they are today. So do not fear, I will provide for you and your little ones."

On a day that this Mama bear felt her inability to shield her cubs from the hurts of this world, this was a timely message for me. On a day that my cubs faced fear, anxiety, sadness and strife - this was a timely message for them. I know God is there when the mean girls are fierce. He is there when the dogs are biting. He is there when I have to surrender an idol of my own (AKA: Gunther). He is there, and he means it all for good.