Monday, September 3, 2012

Politics, Religion and MLM's

(MLM's - Multi-level Marketing, Network Marketing, Pyramid scheme...whatever you call it)

What do Politics, religion, and MLM's have in common? (Well, while I'm at it, I'm going to add music, hashtags, memes, and potty training to the list.)

These are all things that people like to repeatedly complain about seeing as status updates on Facebook. We all have them - let's be honest. There are just some people who we eventually block from our feed after viewing the 400th post about (INSERT YOUR LEAST FAVORITE TOPIC HERE). I do it, you do it. We're all Facebook humans.

Is this a post about all of those things? Nope. Just about one of them.

I picked politics, religion and MLM's because that seems to be what gets people fired up the most. In all honesty, I've learned a lot through my FB friends about all three of these topics. I've annoyed my share of people, too. But recently, the MLM thing is one that I think is kinda funny for people to be annoyed about. (Really, I think it's funny to be annoyed about any of them - because if Facebook is nothing else - it certainly is a place for me to share "what's on MY mind".) But people seem to get so frustrated by others sharing their business on Facebook.

Here's the thing. There is a way to go about a home-based business, and a way to not. (Same with all other topics...) If you are sending out mass emails to your entire "friend list" regardless of if you actually talk to them or not - that maybe isn't a great way to go about a business. Posting status updates? Go for it! People can block you if they want. Basically, for anyone with a home based business - here's the deal.... Don't look at every person you meet in real life, or every "friend" you have on Facebook as your next sale. Look at them as a person. Maybe even a cool person. But please don't look at them as your means to growing your business. Don't con them into a phone call to listen to your up-line. Be honest and upfront about your intentions in any conversation that has to do with your business. If you're talking about potty training?? Well, con away.

So if that was all the wrong way, what then is the right way? See, here's the deal - people who are involved in Network Marketing aren't there just because they really believe they can be the worlds next Bazzillionaire. No, they are involved in their company because they truly believe that the product or financial freedom that their company offers has changed their life. (Okay, so there is a SMALL SMALL SMALL percentage of MLM'ers who are doing it to try and take over the world - avoid them, I agree.) So if "network marketing" is to truly serve it's purpose, it means that that person who believes in their product WANTS and NEEDS to network. They want their little world to know that there is an amazing product on the market that you happen to only be able to buy from them. And there is nothing wrong with this. We all share our favorite books, restaurants, websites, best places to get a deal, religion, politics, and potty training tips ALL.THE.TIME. Sharing about a product one happens to be selling is really no different if done with grace. Oh yeah...that's what this paragraph was supposed to be about - the right way....

Be a friend first. If you actually have a mutual connection point to talk about your life changing product, even if it is with someone you haven't actually talked to in years - by all means...share away. If you feel like casting the net wide via status update, by all means...share away (within reason). But again, do so as a real person.... as a friend. Be honest. Keep your friends your friends (this goes to both the person in the MLM and the friend who has to hear about the MLM). Home based businesses are NOT personal if all parties involved can view it as that. It's a different way of business that is becoming one of the fastest growing businesses, actually.

I have to tell you, some of my favorite products in my home have come through people who have shared about their business. From skin care, to cleaning products, to beer, to candles, to nutritional stuff.... I have found in-comparable products because someone was brave enough to speak up about their "pyramid scheme". And hey, if that's what they want to do for a living? Who am I to judge??

(Obviously, for those who know me well, you know that I myself have been involved, or am currently involved with MLM's. I happen to be a believer of the MLM industry for many reasons. But this blog truly has come out of watching many use FB poorly to promote their business, and also out of many who are too easily writing off what could benefit their life all because they are tired of Politics, Religion and MLM's. If you have a friend in an MLM - they are there for a reason. You can tell them no. It won't hurt their feelings. But if you tell them they are stupid for pursuing something they believe in, that might.)


johanna said...

:). Well said friend.

Dan Brown said...

Well written, Jody. I still think you should think about writing a book on "Living Life in the Extremes." Probably many (Bazillion as you put it) that would be interested. Maybe even an e-book.