Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Emergency Substitution = Better for you!

I've been TRYING to be more conscious about what I'm feeding my body....going for food that fuels, rather than mindless consumption. So when I found a delicious recipe that made me gain five pounds just reading the ingredients, I began to tweak away to have the yummy food my tongue desires, with the benefits that my body needs.

The particular food I was looking at (which I of course found on Pinterest) called for a cream cheese glaze. I was going to just bypass the glaze for myself, but still feed the deliciousness to my kids. Until, that is, I realized I was out of cream cheese. WHAT?!?! Say it isn't so. (I must confess to using cream cheese in many a-recipes.) So to Google I went, searching for an emergency substitution (as if you can really substitute such deliciousness.) You'll never guess what I found. There were actually two solutions. One was plain yogurt strained through a cheese cloth. I just have a cheese cloth laying around, or plain yogurt - gross! However, the second option, I actually DID have out of my earlier said desire of food that fuels. Cottage Cheese. Now I don't love cottage cheese, but I can tolerate it. The texture is what gets to me the most, but I can deal. I digress. I found out that if you put cottage cheese in a food processor to get rid of that nasty texture, you can substitute equal parts cottage cheese and cream cheese. WHAT?!?!? You've got to be kidding me! Skeptical, I tried it. And guess what?!?!? It worked! Yummy cream cheese drizzle that the kids loved and I didn't feel guilty eating! I see many of my favorite recipes working their way back into my life. :) (I know, I know, low fat cream cheese has even less calories...but the protein difference?!?! Whoa! Besides, I didn't have low fat cream cheese either.)

1/2 Cup Cream Cheese: 400 calories, 3g of protein
1/2 Cup of Low fat Cottage Cheese: 100 calories, 14g of protein

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Two Sparrows

Some of you know this story. Some of you don't. It's an epic love story that continues still today.

There was once a boy at the young age of 17. There was also a 16 year old girl. She was a bold and fiery young lady who put it out there to this young boy that she thought he was kinda cute. She passed along her phone number and one day he actually called her. The two began to talk more and more frequent, and eventually began to "go out". It all started at Schlotzky's Deli and a walk around the mall. Dreamy. Sadly, some hard times came, and the two broke up. But it didn't last long as they were pulled back to one other - she to him because of those big 'ol eyes, handsome complexion and mysterious goodness, and he to her wild and free spirit that he just couldn't get enough of....and she was pretty cute herself. Now, this sad part of their history repeated itself 4 more times over the course of 4 years. (Yes, you counted right, 5 break-ups.) Many people said they wouldn't make it. They said it was all wrong, there was too much working against them.

They were wrong.

Finally the young boy and young girl were growing older, and had been together (and apart) long enough that they decided they were better off together. The two polar opposites complimented each other in a way so unique and so magnificent that the two young en's decided to get married. So at the ripe old age of 20 and 21 they did just that. The wedding was unlike any history had ever seen, and has not been topped ever since. It was a day filled with 400 of their closest family and friends (okay, so maybe 300 of those people, neither one actually knew...but their parents did). The party ran into all hours of the night. The couple was long gone (with her driving in her grand wedding dress because the sweet young boy did not know how to drive the stick shift car that was now their main vehicle) as their friends and family kept dancing and celebrating long into the evening. The two were in love, and their day couldn't have been more wonderful.

Four months later, the girl tells the boy that she has just found out he is going to be a father. The boy and girl were panicked and excited all at the same time. The boy decided he should finish school fast and find a job to provide for his young bride and their babe. He moved her to a far away land, far from anyone they knew. New Jersey. There the two settled down and became a family of three. He would move her again just 18 months later to the promised land...I mean, Colorado.

Well, during the first five years that the two were married, they experienced the top 5 hardships that bring many marriages to their ruin. Death in the family, major move, financial hardship (to say the least), children, and a job lay-off. (And maybe the with the in-laws....but there's no such documentation to prove this.) The world said they shouldn't make it. There is proof that these things kill a marriage.

They were wrong.

The young boy and young girl are going strong 13 years later. (Technically 17.) There are now five beautiful babes, and one in Glory. Life is hard. The struggles are still many. There is also much joy, and their love is built on a foundation that is bigger than they are. Sadly, the world still says they probably won't make it. Their life still doesn't makes much sense. There's still too much stacked against them. Some will even tell them they don't know how they do it. Many around them are giving up.

They are still wrong.

And so the epic tale continues........

I love you, babe. We're still strong....right????

(This was "their" song. They danced to it at their wedding.)