Thursday, June 27, 2013

winterspringsummer2013, Part 1: New House

I've been consistently writing blog posts about once a week for the last 6 months. I just realized none of them were posting.

Okay, I'm lying.

This winterspringsummer2013 has kicked my butt! seems to be finding its new norm - so I'm hoping to return to these parts a little more frequently.

My winterspringsummer2013 has lots to unfold. From 20 weeks of training to running my first ever FULL marathon. Spring break: DISNEY!! Deciding in February to try and sell our house again. Listing our house in March. Selling our house in less than 24 hours. Searching for a new house. Searching some more. Crying & panicking because apparently the market is brutal. Searching. FINDING! Moving out. Homelessness for 3 weeks. Moving in. Get ready for the 14 part series to come your way that was....say it with me.... my winterspringsummer2013.

I'm going to start with NOW. Because 1) It's what people have been asking for (house pics), and 2) I know me, and reality says - I probably won't get to the other 13 parts, so I'm leading with the biggest events first. ;)

Like I said, our house of 8 years went under contract in less than 24 hours. The market here is INSANE! This was the third time we have tried to sell over the last 4 years, and we've never experienced anything like it. After 15 showings over the 24 hour time span, I breathed a sigh of relief at not having to clean anymore! That was a tough day! We weren't exactly prepared for what was to come in our search for a home. As fast as our house sold, so was every other house. If we did happen to find something we actually liked, we got to it 5 offers and 20 seconds too late.

We gave our amazing realtor our must haves, and she worked so hard to look under ever rock of Boulder County and beyond to find us what we were asking for. We weren't easy on her either - we were looking to be closer to Boulder (preferably in a town called Broomfield), we wanted more house, more yard, a lower mortgage and at the top of the list??? NO RANCHES!!! We looked at countless homes (most of which were ranches ...I tried to keep an open mind.) Finally, one day we were on our way to view what the Internet photos and description boasted to be the house of my dreams (newer, spacious, bright, multi-levels...oh the levels!!). Right before we left, she sent us a listing for a new house that had just come up in our desired location. Ohhhh....but it was a ranch, and an OLD, flipped one at that (flipped meaning it had been mostly redone by people who fix up houses for a living and re-sell them...OLD as in 1957)! We agreed to see it anyway before seeing the dream house. As I walked through the little ranch, I had a peace settle in like I had been longing for...a feeling of HOME. Aaron and all the kids liked it too (which is saying something for us all to agree!) I didn't want to write off my dream house just yet though, so we went to the other house too. Aaron walked through the Master "Suite" alone, and announced to me there was no way I'd want to pass this dream up! I walked into the french door bathroom and shrugged. Meh. I like the little, old ranch.

Within an hour, we entered a bidding war with about 4 other offers. The next day my realtor called with news so sweet to my soon to be homeless ears: "You got the house!"

The fun began of packing and moving from our home of 8 years. After closing on our house, we had a few weeks before we could close on the new house, so we bummed from hotel to house to house of some wonderful friends. 3 weeks later and 40 volunteers later - we made it into our new house! And I LOVE IT!

God was so good to us with this house! This house is such a great fit for our family! There are tons of neighbor kids that end up in our house every day (HUGE win for the kids). We got everything we asked for and more. (Well, except it's still a ranch. God is a funny guy.) More house, more yard, lower payments, perfect location and the more??? A pond. God gave me a little retreat space to sit and relax, pray, talk, write, etc.... In fact, I'm by my pond right now. There is a bluejay drinking the water right now not even 10 feet from me. I'm not kidding. A special little gift that I know only came from Him!

Okay....I'll stop blabbing. It's the pics you out-of-towners want to see. Sorry.

Front of house. Don't be deceived by how little it looks. It's not! Oh...and I have a bit of yard work to do...

Living Room. All the walls in the house were painted "Greige" (The new word for grey/beige. Nice, huh.) I LOVE the color, but it has been hard for me to figure out how to make it all work.

Fun new pillows will help tie my warm colors in with this "greige"!

And how about some soft, classic/contemporary curtains??? :)

LOVE LOVE LOVE my new kitchen. Knotty pine cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and my new IKEA buffet to tie it all together!

Informal Dining Room. I don't really know what a formal dining room is, but I've decided we have an informal one. All I care about is we can fit our gigantic table with room to spare! Bring on the entertaining!!

Piano is now upstairs instead of tucked into a corner of the basement. It sits in the dining room. I love listening to Aaron play, and look forward to hearing it more often. In fact, I make him play while I eat. 

Off the kitchen/dining room is the doorway to the basement.

This is a big, long, empty room...well, except for Charlie. The kids have already taken over, and I don't even care. One day it will be the perfect teenage space. For now - the kids can have their way with it and I never have to look at it! Eden is just excited because she can do SIX cartwheels from one end to the other. 

Yes I did take a pic of our storage room because I'm beyond excited to have one! An d yes, that is a throw rug in the storage room. It didn't work with our new color scheme upstairs - so I may as well make the storage room pretty. :)

Master bedroom. It's no suite, but it's ours and I love it! My new IKEA bed frame that I scored for $60!! The new house has some tiny bedrooms, which we were more than happy to exchange for big open living spaces!

And these pictures are just a few of my favorite things in the house:

Back splash in the kitchen.

A laundry shoot. The kids love it, it makes me laugh...and a little nervous. 

Honeysuckle and a light post. What's not to love?

A bunny planter left by the previous owners. I will name him Peter. 

I HAVE A COAT CLOSET!!! And all our coats fit in it! 

French doors off dining room leading to my retreat...I mean...backyard.



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