Saturday, February 23, 2013

All in a day

I'm sad that I haven't blogged in a while. I'm hoping to get back to it soon. And since I didn't do much of anything today, I figured I had the time.... Or not.

Today began at 4:30 am. For anyone who knows me even a little bit, you would know that 4:30 am is still considered the middle of the night to me...not a time to be waking up on purpose. However, I've signed up for my first ever FULL Marathon, and my running buddies needed to head out early today. So I was left with a choice of running 14 miles alone, or waking up early. I woke up early. Yawn.

14 miles later....I DID IT! Marathon training just got real! May 5th is right around the corner, and the miles are just gonna keep growing. Giddy up. The bummer is, my body is wanting to fight this every step of the way. From horrible shin splints (which I thought was possibly a stress fracture), to IT band, to my newest joy - hip flexor PAIN (no really - PAIN), I'm wondering if this marathon thing is for me. I even had a nightmare last night that I was pregnant again, but refused to tell my running coach because she for sure wouldn't let me run, and I was tired of my health issues standing in my way. (Um, messed up priorities much?!?!? Don't worry though. I'm not really pregnant.)

After soaking in an epsom salt bath, my muscles finally thawed and I could move once again. So I headed towards the boys room which needed painting. I've been touching up paint in the house (more on that in a minute) and when I grabbed the paint for their room, I ended up painting polka dots on accident. Either their paint has seriously faded, or it was some random paint color that I never actually used but for some reason was in my garage. Either way - I was left needing to re-paint their entire room. Sigh. 5 hours later, my body wasn't happy with the days chain of events so far. Early morning + 14 miles + hip flexor pain + 5 hours of painting = OW. The good news is, it also equals about 2000 calories burned (or more). WIN!

At the end of my painting party, Aaron comes in asking if I smelled something. Uh...yes. Paint. He was smelling gas, so I walked out of the painted room and agreed. We called Xcel to report it. We were instructed to wait for them to come, and were told leave the house. So we headed down the road to a local pizza place. While we were sitting down to eat, Xcel showed up and Aaron headed right back home. Sure enough - a gas leak. Some valvey thing a ma jigger had broken and gas was flowing into our home. We would have no furnace for the night.'s supposed to be very cold and snowy...this isn't going to work for us. (Not to mention we have a sick kiddo who doesn't need to be frozen in the middle of the night.) At this point we packed up and headed to a hotel for the night. As with our previous household drama's (ahem, kitchen fire & fridge flooding), we found The Residence Inn to come to our rescue. A family of 7 with 2 big dogs is not easily displaced. Thankfully, the kids think we are on vacation. The dogs, however, can't stop freaking out about their new surroundings.

We settled everyone into bed around 9:30....and really, what else would I do other than blog about my day? Why not??? It's not like I'm tired or anything.

Oh wait...I threw out a "more on that later".... why am I painting? We are putting the house on the market (yes AGAIN) at the end of the week. So we are busy getting it all ready to sell. This is our 3rd try over the last several years. Third times a charm, right??? I'm super excited about keeping the house clean and dealing with showings with 5 kids and 2 dogs. This is gonna be fun! Hey...maybe we'll just check into this hotel until it sells. I like it here.

Never a dull moment.