Friday, January 24, 2014

PREACH it son!!!

I've blogged before on my wrestling with prayer. How to, when to, what to.....

I recently picked up a book that I've heard rave reviews on. I'm four chapters in, and if the book weren't attached to my Kindle, I'd throw it out the window (or burn it). This book is causing me much confusion and angst. Probably a good sign I should stop reading it. Anyway...I was processing through some of the things I was reading with Aaron by reading bits of the book aloud.

Here's the scene that went down:

Enter into the room: my 9 year old son.

Coming out of a passage of the book reading about the blind men who obviously wanted to be healed, but Jesus still asked them what they wanted of him, I read the following out loud:  " wasn't because Jesus didn't know what they wanted; He wanted to make sure THEY knew what they wanted...... What if Jesus were to ask you this very same question: What do you want me to do for you?"

9 year old son of mine: "SAVE US!"

Me: "There ya go! You don't even need to read a book like this and you know the best answer!"

10 year old son: "Of course I don't need to read THAT book. I just read the Bible!"


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